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Turning point in the Pacific

About The Author. Mark E. He has worked in the intelligence community for 30 years including tours on the faculty of the Naval War College, on the Joint Staff and on US Navy ships. He is currently a Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:.

Midway Turning point in the Pacific by Mark Stille

Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. Extra Content. This new edition gives an accurate order of battle for both sides and it clarifies many of the myths surrounding the battle. His creative style in presenting all this information makes for a quick overview and interesting read of one of perhaps the most important battles in the Pacific during World War II.

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Captain Elliot Buckmaster and the rest of the crew raced to save the Yorktown. Fires were brought under control with great loss of life. Engineers got the ship moving again.

A huge new Stars and Stripes flag was raised above the ship. But a wave of torpedo planes now arrived.

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Again, most were shot down, but most were not enough. Two hit the Yorktown below the waterline. Lights, power, and communications all went out as the carrier started listing to port. At last, Buckmaster gave the order to abandon ship. Up until now, the Japanese carrier Hiryu had managed to avoid attacks by American planes. That was about to end, as a scout plane spotted the carrier. Twenty-four Dauntless, ten of them originally from the Yorktown , set off from the Enterprise , followed by sixteen dive-bombers from the Hornet.

They were intercepted by Zeros, but this time, most of the attackers got through.

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Four bombs hit the flight deck of the Hiryu , starting fires that the crew was unable to bring under control. The Zero fighters, running out of fuel and with nowhere to land, were forced to ditch in the sea. Yamamoto still hoped to reach Midway with his invasion force.

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Without cover from the carriers, and with American bombers flying from the island, his only hope to do this safely was under cover of night, and he pushed for this. But then word arrived of the other American carriers in the area, and that two of the cruisers with which he wanted to bombard the island would not arrive by nightfall.

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Navy lost just one carrier at Midway meant that four carriers Enterprise , Hornet , Saratoga , and Wasp were available when the U. Navy went on the offensive during the Guadalcanal campaign that began the first week of August Second, the march of the Imperial Japanese Navy across the Pacific was halted at Midway and never restarted. After Midway, the Japanese would react to the Americans, and not the other way around. Third, the victory at Midway aided allied strategy worldwide.

That last point needs some explaining. To understand it, begin by putting yourself in the shoes of President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the beginning of May The military outlook across the world appears very bad for the Allies.

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If the Japanese and the Germans do link up, they will cut the British and American supply line through Iran to the Soviet Union, and they may pull the British and French colonies in the Middle East into the Axis orbit. If that happens, Britain may lose control of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Soviet Union may negotiate an armistice with Germany.

Even worse, the Chinese, cut off from aid from the United States, may also negotiate a cease-fire with the Japanese. For Churchill, there is the added and dreaded prospect that the Japanese may spark a revolt that will take India from Britain. Something has to be done to stop the Japanese and force them to focus their naval and air forces in the Pacific—away from the Indian Ocean and possibly the Arabian Sea.

Midway saves the decision by the Americans and British to focus their major effort against Germany, and the American and British military staffs are free to plan their invasion of North Africa. The U. Navy and Marines also begin planning for an operation on Guadalcanal against the Japanese. Midway to us at the time meant that here is where we start from, here is where we really jump off in a hard, bitter war against the Japanese.

Moreover, the real nature of the Battle of Midway was poorly understood for some months after the Japanese defeat.